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About me(English)
  • Has some translate problem in this page because my no use translate software,if you can help me,you can send an e-mail to
  • Chinese:苟且—English:? 1 ?   Chinese:死宅—English:? 2 ?   Chinese:女装—English:? 3 ?

If the sky is dark,then dark survival;

If issue soung is dangerous,Then keep silence;

If felt unable to light, then crouched in the corner;

But don’t get used to the darkness and defend the darkness.

Not be proud in your ? 1 ?;

Do not mockery of those who are more brave than themselves;

We can humble as  a dust, but can not be distorted as maggots.

【Red Separate】…

  • Can write code, some Shell, Java, Python
  • Can do some designs and use Adobe CC 2017 software
  • If you also like to play games and welcome add my friend,high together
  • (Google Play Games accounts at the bottom
  • Like science and technology, interested in all new things
  • Most like using rm -rf * in Linux
  • Most like using del * in Windows
  • I like to watch anime,is a ? 2 ?
  • Pocket money is mainly from the studio
  • In the studio is only responsible for writing Python
  • (my laziness is  exposed…emmm…
  • Without a good computer
  • (all by a Windows Server 2016 server
  • Special attention is paid to system stability, Linux is only use Ubuntu and Windows is only use Server
  • In Bilibili is a judgement,in Weibo is order supervisor
  • Electronic products can buy Mi without buying other brands, loyal Mi fans
  • WeChat does not use it, and has only using the QQ,Line and Facebook
  • Multilingual users: Chinese,Japanese and English
  • ? 3 ?,send to the Bilibili half an hour and receive 47 comments then delete it…hhhh…
  • (afraid countenance…
  • It’s a boy but the result of a psychological test is a girl
  • (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • meow meow meow~~~

【Red Separate】…

Learning direction in the future:

  • PHP
  • Database
  • Operation and maintenance of medium scale and large server

【Red Separate】…

Contact mailbox(Also is Google Play Games)

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